Who I am

Hi I'm developer and digital artist @skllzarmy
I'm on a blockchain journey, and this is where to follow my personal artwork.
I am also the founder of Tezos $HITcoin a community-based, Tezos memecoin.
I am also building the future of personal link pages with Tezos in mind at MyLynx
Tezos for life... until 2027. 😂

Joe's head in cartoon form

(nearly)Free NFT Mint

Minted on Etherlink


Minted on Tezos

Generative Art

Generative art refers to works which, in part, has been created with the use of an autonomous system. In this context that system is JavaScript and various web technologies, mixed with blockchain-derived deterministic-randomness. Whew... that was a lot of big words.

It just means I make art with code and it's unique every time you mint it. Enjoy!

Minted on Base

Personal Gallery (not offered for sale)
Past Projects